Users commonly forget the password allowing them to log on to their accounts. To avoid creating a new account, we’re going to show you how to change your password.

Go to the Personal Area page (Espace Perso). In the pink "Already have a Personal Area?" box, click on "Forgotten your password?" in the lower left. 

Espace Perso En 7

A new window opens. Enter your e-mail address and click on "Validate". 

Espace Perso En 8

A new window opens: Espace Perso En 9 

Check your inbox. You should receive the following e-mail (this may take a few minutes):

Espace Perso En 10

Click on the link in blue in the e-mail.

The verification code automatically appears in the login window (if it doesn’t, copy/paste it from the e-mail). 

Espace Perso En 11

Enter your e-mail address and click on Espace Perso En 11 1

The following window opens, allowing you to enter your new password. Then click on "Validate".

Espace Perso En 12

Espace Perso En 12 1

You can now log on to your Personal Area with your new password!