Subscription valid from 1st to the last day of the month for students aged 5 years to the graduating class or secondary school interns.

Monthly Schoolchildren Pass

  • Unlimited access to the entire bus + tram network from the first to the last day of the month ;
  • Payment by direct debit possible (card can be suspended or cancelled up to 24th (inclusive) of the previous month and card creation expenses waived) ;
  • Subscription can be loaded on a contactless card (€2 for creation) ;
  • Validate your contactless card on each entry into a tram or bus in compliance with the rules ;
  • The 12th month is free for 11 consecutive months of purchase (Automatic if you benefited from the Fil Eclair debit scheme. Otherwise, you will have to provide proof of purchases).
  • By post (Fil Bleu, Service Client, Avenue de Florence, 37705 Saint Pierre des Corps) :
      • Complete and send the card request form (download the form online) ;
      • A copy of your original ID document ;
      • An original and recent colour passport photo ;
      • €2 for card creation costs.

    Fil Eclair direct debit option :
    • Complete the direct debit authorisation form (download the form online);
    • Attach your Bank Account Details;
    • The €2 card creation cost is waived.

You will receive your card within 15 days by post

  • At our Fil Bleu sales office (9 rue Michelet, 37000 Tours)
    • Complete the card request form (download the form online);
    • Your original ID;
    • Photo not required; the photos are taken by Webcam;
    • €2 for card creation costs or free if subscribed to the direct debit scheme.
  • By direct debit :
    • Completely flexible: you can stop at any time before 25th of the previous month by calling +33 2 47 66 70 70 or by sending an email to fileclair@filbleu.fr
    • Saves time: you do not need to travel to our office or to our points of sale
    • Deferred payment: you pay only on the 10th of the month
    • Economical: you do not need to show proof. We offer you 1 month free subscription for 11 months of consecutive purchase.
  • At our Fil Bleu sales office (9 rue Michelet, 37000 Tours)
  • At a point of sale or a ticket distributor
  • At E-boutique