Subscription valid from 1st to the last day of the month, restricted to jobseekers residing in the Tours Metropolitan area. It is subject to resourcetesting.

Restricted Jobseeker Pass

  • Unlimited access to the entire bus + tram network from the first to the last day of the month ;
  • A 1-month or 3-month pass can be purchased ;
  • Validate your contactless card on each entry into a tram or bus in compliance with the rules.
  • At our Fil Bleu sales office (9 rue Michelet, 37000 Tours) Submit the following documents :
    • The completed card request form ;
    • Your original ID ;
    • Finance Act certification from Employment Centre dated at least after 20th of the previous month and until 19th of the current month ;
    • Your last tax notice regarding household income ;
    • A proof of residence less than 2 months old (rent receipt, electricity, water, telephone bill, etc.) ;
    • A passport photo (we can also take your photo with a webcam).
  • After submitting the documentary proof, you can reload your card every month:
    • At out Fil Bleu sales office (9 rue Michelet, 37000 Tours) : Purchase a 1-month to 3-month subscription.
    • At a point of sale or a ticket distributor : Purchase a 1 month subscription.
    • At E-boutique  : Purchase a 1 month subscription.