Interdiction de fumer 64SMOKING PROHIBITED

Smoking in public transport is prohibited and may be liable to a fixed fine of €68 or to legal proceedings. "[French] Decree No. 2006-1386 of 15 November 2006"

(This rule also applies to electronic cigarettes)



In the tram, large packages and objects that cannot be carried on the knees without causing discomfort to the other passengers are forbidden.

Packages or luggage must not be left unattended. They are the responsibility of their owner.


Faite signe au conducteurSIGNALLING TO THE DRIVER

To stop a bus at a stop, signal the driver. 


Poussettes 64STROLLERS

Strollers and prams are allowed under certain conditions :


  • Strollers and prams, with wheels locked and held by their owner shall be placed in the area reserved for wheelchair users who shall have priority ;
  • Please clear the space for them, if required.

Fauteuils Roulants 64WHEEL CHAIRS

Wheelchairs should be positioned in the spaces provided and locked.



Persons wearing roller skates are forbidden access inside the buses and trams.



The lost and found objects are made available to the sales office only after calling: +33 2 47 66 70 70.



Moderate use


Animaux 64ANIMALS

The following animals are allowed to travel in the tram and the bus :


  • Animals of small size, properly enclosed in bags or baskets, provided that they can neither dirty the premises nor inconvenience passengers ;
  • If the animals cannot be held on the lap, a ticket must be purchased for them, and they must be kept on a leash with a muzzle ;
  • Guide dogs for the blind, held by a special harness ;
  • Category 1 dogs are prohibited.


Bicycles are prohibited on buses except for folding bicycles.

Bicycles are allowed inside the trams under the following conditions :

  • the bicycle must be parked on the last platform accessible by the last double door (in the direction of travel) ;
  • the bicycle parked on the platform must be kept stationary by its owner without obstructing access to corridors or validators.

As a gesture of goodwill towards other passengers, if there is overcrowding in a train, bicycle owners are asked to wait for the next train in order to cause less disturbance.

In case of rush or obvious discomfort, the agents appointed by the Operator reserve the right to prohibit access to bicycles inside the tram.