Modifications Tarifs 2019

Dès le 20 juillet, les nouveaux abonnements sont disponibles à la vente et entreront en vigueur à partir du 1er août 2019.

Cette nouvelle tarification propose trois types de tarifs : des tarifs solidaires, des tarifs à l’âge et des tarifs au statut.

Plus diversifiée, cette tarification permet une prise en compte équitable des ressources du foyer fiscal des voyageurs, de leur âge ou de leur statut.
Elle est ainsi adaptée à chacune et à chacun. Les titres occasionnels restent inchangés.

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To ensure continuity of service, Fil Bleu has instituted a tram substitution plan (Plan B) in case of partial or total stoppage of the tram line. Replacement buses provide service in the section that is not being served.

Implementation of Plan B is communicated through public announcements, electronic information terminal present at the stations and a message is sent on the Twitter network.

To travel in a Plan B bus, like in the case of the tram, you must have a transport ticket and get it validated on entering the bus.

Warning :
The plans given on this page are for information only. They may be subject to change depending on the disturbed sector. In case of disturbance, you can find all the information on Info Trafic.

PlanB internet 2 2017



At each Tram station, a specific information board indicates the location of the Plan B rescheduled stop when the tram is not operating. The served stops can be identified with the Plan B logo pasted on the shelters or the poles.

Please see below an example for Vaucanson Tram station direction Lycée J. Monnet :

Station tram 2017



Warning : In order to institute Plan B, we take the reserve buses and if it is not adequate, several buses are removed from the surrounding lines. The frequency of these lines will be reduced for a short period. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.