Employees, your employer reimburses 50% of your subscription 

The transport bonus obliges the employers to cover 50% of the coast of public transport subscription*.

Understanding the transport bonus

Since 1 January 2009, it is mandatory for employer (public or private) to give compensation to their employees for public transport cost from their home to work.

Terms of payment

The subscription expenses towards public transport or public bicycle rental services, incurred by the employees for travelling from home to work are reimbursed by the employer up to 50% on presentation of proof of purchase.
Ask your company for more details about the reimbursement mechanism.

How to benefit ? What should I give to my employer ?

To benefit from this compensation, carefully retain your bills or receipts to be submitted as proof to your employer. Ensure that the retailer or the sales agent in the Fil Bleu office gives you the ticket corresponding to your purchase.

In case of automatic deduction tickets: a monthly statement is sent on demand (this is billed) that shows the automatic deduction amount.

*Decree no. 2008-1501 of 30/12/2008 relating to the reimbursement of transport expenses of private employees/Decree no. 2010-676 of 21/06/2010 relating to the reimbursement of transport expenses for public sector agents.