Résabus is an on-demand transport service!
Travel by mini-bus (8 seats), taxi or bus. Timetables may be fixed or undetermined. Résabus stops are marked by a post or shelter providing all the necessary information.


    How does it work ?

    Bookings can be made from 3 weeks to 30 minutes before departure:

    • Via the online booking platform by clicking here
    • By calling our customer service team on +33 (0)2 47 66 70 70 (weekdays: 6am - 8pm; and Saturdays: 10am - 8pm)
    • The "Résabus Fil Bleu" mobile app 


    The Résabus fare is identical to the standard Fil Bleu network fare and cards and tickets will need to be validated on board.


    Find out how each Résabus service works by consulting the line concerned.


    Résabus lines

    Click on the line to find out how each Resabus works.



    Résabus service on Sundays and holidays

    Discover resabus Sunday services on my regular route.


    Fares are those of the Fil Bleu network, and validation takes place on board the vehicle.

    Price info



    • Flexible: Choose your schedule and make bookings from 3 weeks to 30 minutes before departure
    • Affordable: You will pay the standard Fil Bleu fare
    • Simple: Manage your bookings and cancellations and track your vehicle in real time via the Fil Bleu app
    • Fast: The vehicle will take you directly to your destination, reducing your journey time depending on traffic
    • Close by: New stops are being created closer to people’s homes. Find your stop easily with the Fil Bleu app
    • Eco-friendly: The central booking system allows several customers to be grouped together on the same journey

    Transport On Demand Terms of Use