How to calculate your family quotient

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If your family quota is less than or equal to 700, you must provide the following supporting documents:


  • A copy of your ID card or passport;
  • Your monthly CAF payment notice mentioning the name of the beneficiaries, your family quotient, or your MSA (Agricultural Social Mutual Fund) payment notice if you rely on agriculture for your income; 
  • Your most recent tax assessment and any proof of household income; 
  • Proof of address less than 3 months old (proof of occupant’s place of residence as attested by the housing provider); 
  • A recent colour passport-style photo (if you are not already a Fil Bleu customer) 
  • Bank details (paper format)
How the family quotient is calculated

The family quotient is calculated by dividing the net annual income received before tax deductions + all benefits paid by the CAF for the month in question by the number of parts in the household:

Monthly family quotient = 1/12 net income received (a) + monthly benefits for the month in question (b) ÷ number of parts in the household (c)

(A) Annual taxable income

This is the total income before tax reductions. Actual costs are not deducted.
However, child support payments, voluntary social security contributions and deductible social security contributions (CSG) are deducted.

(B)  Monthly CAF benefits

These are all benefits paid by the CAF, except for the following:

  • Disabled Child’s Education Allowance (AEEH) on returning home 
  • Back-to-school allowance 
  • Relocation allowance 
  • PAJE (Childcare Benefit for Young Children) 
  • Birth and adoption grant 
  • Free choice and childcare supplement 
  • AAH (Disabled Adult’s Allowance) supplement on returning home 
  • MVA (Self-Sufficiency Subsidy) or AFH until the end of the agreement with CDAPH (Commission for the Right to Autonomy for Disabled People) 
  • Additional subsidies (CRH) on returning home

(C)  Number of parts in the household

  • Couple or single person: 2 parts 
  • 1st child and 2nd child dependent in terms of family allowances (FA): 0.5 parts per child 
  • 3rd child dependent in terms of FA: 1 part 
  • For each additional child or disabled child: + 0.5 additional parts
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