Group 21-40 (Ticket)

Valid for 1 hour including connections for 21 to 40 people

  • Unlimited access to the entire bus + tram network for 1 hour including connections for 21 to 40 people traveling together;
  • Loading of the journey on a contactless ticket (+0.10€ for the production of the ticket - reloaded for 2 years) or on a contactless card (+€2 for creating the travel card - reloaded for 8 years);
  • Validate your contactless card or contactless ticket on each entry into a tram or bus in compliance with the rules.
  • Group travel is only authorized between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. during school terms. No time restrictions during holidays.

Remember to reuse your tickets. You can reload them with trips at the ticket machines, at the sales office, at our points of sale and on board the buses (your bus driver can reload the tickets on your contactless ticket: "1 trip", "2 trips", "1 hour Family" or "24 Hours").

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