Operation of the alternative service

Fil Bleu provides a transport service in an adapted vehicle for customers with reduced mobility:

  • Operating throughout the Fil Bleu network, from stop to stop
  • At standard Fil Bleu network fares
  • Open to all people with reduced mobility, whether temporary or permanent, regardless of residence


The alternative service is a solution for people living near stops deemed to have a “proven technical impossibility.”


A stop deemed to have a “proven technical impossibility” is a stop that cannot be made accessible due to technical constraints in the surrounding environment.


Map of "proven technical impossibility stops"


The operating hours of the alternative service are identical to those of the line serving the stop with a “proven technical impossibility.”

The alternative service operates 365 days a year, except on 1 May.

Bookings can be made from two weeks before to 5pm the evening before the day of travel. Please call the Fil Blanc service on +33 (0)2 47 77 48 48. Bookings are subject to the validation of the user’s subscription with the service.

Registering for the service

Access to the alternative service is reserved for:

  • Customers entitled to automatic registration, with a disability card indicating an 80% or more temporary or permanent motor disability and can only move around in a wheelchair.
  • People with reduced mobility whose permanent or temporary disability does not allow them to use public transport. Eligibility for this service will be determined during an interview with the Fil Bleu accessibility advisor.


You must file your request with our customer service department to receive the subscription form: