List of fineable offences on the Fil Bleu network
as of 1/10/2016
31No card or ticket€62
32Topped-up card or ticket not validated (validation seen by inspector)€40
33Card or ticket reserved for use by third party€62
34Illegible or damaged card or ticket€62
35Card or ticket used within 30 minutes of expiry€40
36Card or ticket used outside authorised period€62
10Subscription or connecting service not validated€5
11Smoking (cigarettes and electronic cigarettes) on bus and/or tram€68
41Damage to equipment, feet on seats or soiling€30
42Obvious drunkenness€30
43Dangerous or bulky items€130
44Non-compliance with animal access conditions
Unauthorised animals on board (category 1 dogs, etc.)
45Use of no-entry zone (boarding via back doors)€30
46Damage to displays€30
47Modifying/disrupting operation of equipment€30 
48Refusal to comply€68
49Decompressing doors/Preventing their closing€68
50Disturbing others on board€68
51Unattended baggage€68
52Unjustified use of alarm signal or emergency calls€130
53Standing on foot steps during operation€130
54Using our vehicle to tow your vehicle/your bicycle, etc.€130
55Using another form of transport on board (e.g.: bicycle)€130
61Bicycle taken on board outside authorised periods€30