To use our services

  • Please buy a contactless card* or ticket
  • Please top up your card or ticket

*€2 cards available at the Fil Bleu office and online 


Where can I top up / buy
my €0.10 contactless ticket ?


Where can I top up my 
contactless card ?

Validation: Please scan your card or ticket when you board, even if you are using a connecting service

Green light : your ticket has been validated
Red light : your ticket is invalid  



Basic rules of use for cards/tickets



Cards and tickets remain the exclusive property of the network, which may request their return at any time.

Loss or theft

If a card has been lost or stolen, the holder must immediately inform Fil Bleu. The card will be cancelled upon receipt of this declaration. A replacement can be issued at the sales office (fee: €5-10).


Cards are personal and may not be transferred to a third party.