If you have an M-Ticket, you can travel for the standard Liberté fare via your smartphone.


Available for iPhones and Android smartphones equipped with NFC, you can download the Seamless Transportation app, buy an M-Ticket and travel for the standard Fil Bleu Liberté fare. Download the Seamless app, create your account with your bank card number and travel on the Fil Bleu Network.

When you first board a vehicle, scan your card/ticket using the orange validator machines.

Please note: a single ticket is only valid for one person, and there can only be one account per telephone number: 1 card = one phone number = one person.

Validation will take slightly longer than with conventional validators (around 2 seconds). You must therefore ensure your e-ticket is validated before continuing your journey. At the end of the month, the total amount spent on journeys will be deducted directly from your account, at the rate of €1.40 per journey (instead of €1.60).

Registration is free of charge. At the time of registration, the application will deduct €2 from your bank account as a test to check its validity. This amount will not be deducted in reality, but it may appear for a few hours in your account history.

In the event of an inspection, present your Android smartphone or iPhone, with the app open, to the inspector.

How to create my Seamless account ?

How to use the Seamless app


How to use the Seamless app on Android



How to use the Seamless app on iOS


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