With the M-Ticket service, you can buy and validate tickets using your smartphone !

If you only use public transport occasionally or if you need to buy a ticket last minute, choose the M-Ticket option.

Easy and convenient, accessible from the Fil Bleu app, this option allows you to buy the ticket you need and validate it using your smartphone!


The M-Ticket service is different from the filbleu.fr personal space.


How does it work?

Before boarding the bus or tram


  • Open the Fil Bleu app
  • Select the M-Ticket option
  • Create an account in the M-Ticket section (different account from the personal area created on Filbleu.fr). Note: if you already have an account with Flash Ticket Tao, Azalys, Tixi Pass, or any other QR Code service provided by Airweb, you can use that account to access the M-Ticket service.
  • Choose the ticket you want and add it to your basket
  • Securely confirm your purchase by accepting the General Terms and Conditions of Sale
  • Pay with your bank card and save it for future purchases, if you wish to do so

You can buy several tickets at once:

  • Validate several tickets by presenting the QR codes displayed on your phone when you board the vehicle

For example:

  • you are with one family member, the two of you are travelling together
  • you purchase two tickets and present both tickets to be scanned when you board the vehicle together
  • you can use the Multi-Profile option

For example:

  • you use your smartphone to create a profile on your account for your daughter. When you purchase one or several tickets, you can assign them to the profile of your choice, for example your daughter’s.
  • from her smartphone, your daughter can download the Fil Bleu app and log in to M-Ticket with your account details (one single account, several profiles). She can now use the travel ticket that you bought for her.

When boarding the bus or tram, validate the ticket using your smartphone

  • Open the Fil Bleu app and access the M-Ticket section
  • Log in
  • Choose the ticket you wish to use; your camera will open automatically
  • Present the QR code that is displayed on your phone to be scanned inside the vehicle, even when you are taking a connecting service.
  • Your valid ticket will be displayed on your phone screen throughout your journey.

In the event of a ticket inspection, produce the valid ticket displayed by the app. Make sure that your phone has enough battery.

You can only validate your ticket when you are online. However, once the ticket has been validated, it continues to be displayed on your phone even when you are offline. 

Fares and Available Ticket Types

  • 1 trip: €1.60
  • 2 trips: €3
  • 10 trips: €14
  • 24 hours: €4.10
  • 48 hours: €6.20
  • 1 hour Family ticket: €2.60
  • Carriage Ticket: €1.60 (no connections)
  • Event ticket: €1.90 (one-day pass)