As the bus approaches

TPlease make a signal to the driver so they know they need to stop.


As the tram approaches

Please move away from the edge of the platform to ensure your safety.



Please top up your card. Notes worth more than €20 are not accepted.

*Onboard payment is only available on buses


Please scan your card or ticket when you board, even if you are using a connecting service.



Children 5 years and older must have a ticket.


Boarding the tram

Please let other passengers disembark before boarding via the double doors.



You must buy a ticket for your dog, which must be muzzled and attached to a lead.
Guide dogs can travel for free.

Category 1 dogs are not allowed.


Move towards the back


If you are a wheelchair user, please board via the middle door and position yourself safely, in the specially reserved space and with the brakes applied. 1 wheelchair per bus.



Please position yourself in the specially reserved space and fold your pushchair during busy periods.


Mobile phones

Please respect others while using your mobile phone.


Lost property

If you have lost something, please contact our call centre on +33 (0)2 47 66 70 70.



Please remain vigilant and watch your personal belongings at all times.



All of our transport services are protected by CCTV.


Bulky items

Do not bring bulky objects weighing more than 10 kg and with a width of more than 90 cm on board.


Roller-blades and skateboards

Please dismount from your scooter or skateboard or remove your roller-blades on the bus or tram.


Bicycles on buses

Bicycles are not allowed on buses, with the exception of folding bicycles.


Bicycles on trams

Bicycles are allowed on trams under the following conditions:

  • Bicycles must be parked on the furthest platform accessible via the last set of double doors (in the direction of travel);
  • Bicycles parked on the platform must be kept stationary by their owner without obstructing access to the corridors or validator machines.

As a show of courtesy, bicycle owners are asked to wait for the next service during very busy periods to limit the inconvenience for other passengers.

In the event of overcrowding or obvious discomfort, tram staff reserve the right to prohibit bicycles on the service.


Please show respect towards others by keeping your feet on the ground.



Please help to keep the vehicle clean.


Dangerous objects

Do not carry dangerous objects or products.


No alcohol

No smoking or vaping



No selling

Do not approach others on board with a view to selling a particular product or service.